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20th-Jan-2009 11:06 pm - snuggie/slanket
 im looking to buy one of those snuggie things for someone as a semi-joke, and wondered if anyone has seen them in a STORE as opposed to ordering one (which is taking 3-6 weeks right now from what i understand) - I have also seen a product called a Slanket, which appears to be a better quality, and according to someone who owns a slanket "much softer and more kick-ass" - if anyone has seen one of these products in a STORE, please let me know where!!!!

20th-Jan-2009 03:23 pm - Accountant in the Little Rock area
Does anyone have an accountant that you trust? 

I am a new homeowner and am seeking advice for preparation of tax documents.


(Comments are screened in case you do not want your information out there in the public world.)
11th-Jan-2009 10:47 am(no subject)

i am moving back to arkansas in the upcoming year after six years away. i am moving back because my best friend from high school and i are getting married (awww) and his scholarships are better in arkansas than they would be in arizona.

the question i have is, i was searching online for a frederick's of hollywood as well as ikea in arkansas, and neither have a single location in the state. what is comparable? i hate victoria's secret, and i like ikea because they have cute things for the house for super cheap.

where do you shop?
26th-Dec-2008 12:54 am - New, and moving to Little Rock!
Hi everybody, I just joined this community because I have just accepted a job in Little Rock, and will be moving with my husband next month. I'm a historian and my husband is a chef, and we hail originally from the greater Washington DC area, but we live in central Pennsylvania now. I come to you guys with a plea for help. We need to find a nice place to rent, either a townhouse (preferably) or a larger apartment (at least 950 square feet; at least 2 BR and at least 1.5 BA). We've done some searching and made some phone calls on a few places we found on rent.com, but since we are quite unfamiliar with the area (I have been to LR once, the 24 hours I was in town for my job interview, and my husband has never been), we're unsure about which communities/complexes are to be avoided. Some of the places we found on rent.com had awful reviews on Yahoo Local and other sites. Do you have any recommendations for us? We're looking to pay around $800 a month for a nice (and by nice, I mean modern buildings, no bugs, no other issues) place in a safe, quiet area in the vicinity of west Little Rock. Or, if you know of other rental communities that aren't in west LR, but are within easy driving distance of it, that'd be great too. Also, I'd be happy to get names of great real estate agents who could help us find an independent rental property. :-D Thank you so much in advance...I'm hoping you guys are as nice and friendly as everyone else I've met in Little Rock so far!
24th-Dec-2008 02:47 pm - Downtown Drama?
Anyone happen to know what happened downtown around 3am this morning?

I woke up to people yelling on the fire station intercom (which blankets my neighborhood) for quite awhile, but it was distorted, so I couldn't make out actual words. I think I heard "Geyer Springs" once, towards the end of everything. It might've been a separate event.

I then heard large numbers of sirens blaring nonstop for over an hour. They were all in a rush, and they just kept coming.

I can't find anything on the TV sites or DemGaz.

Whatever it was sounded pretty freaking massive when it was happening.
19th-Dec-2008 01:26 am - Recent Ice?
So how did everyone in Little Rock do with the random ice on the ground?

I had to leave work early on Monday due to the freezing rain, it took me forever to get home thanks to tons of drivers and slow speeds >.<
19th-Nov-2008 09:33 am - AB Negative?

Little Rock boy diagnosed with leukemia has the most rare blood type and needs platelet donations.

I called the Red Cross to verify the situation.  They're setting up a donation list. 
Of course, they're happy to take any donations, but only the AB Negative helps the boy.

If you're local and AB Negative, please call the local Red Cross and ask for Special Donations.
Hi. My name's Tim, and I'm an alcoh...uh... Australian. I'm trying to collect an American from every state, kinda like Pokemon, to be my friend. I find you guys interesting.

And I'm a pretty awesome guy, so there's your incentive.

Any takers?
bullet body
First off, thank you mod for letting me post this... :-)

I'm making this traveling notebook for my son, and one for my brother. I'm pretty much trying to find, one or a few people from each of the 50 states for this notebook (well, both notebooks). They both travel together and will be passed on to someone else in the USA so postage costs shouldn't be much when posting out again. What I'm looking at doing is having everyone put a state map postcard, or a descriptive postcard from their state - so it has the silhouette of the state with the state bird, flower, something like that... write about your state, what you like about the state, what your life is like... add photos, and just plain be creative with the books... when you've put in your entry and your happy with it - I'll give you the next address which will probably be in a neighboring state and you send it onto the next "host". You can write the same in both of the books... that's not a problem at all... :-) I've been rounding up people for the books, but they've just been sent out today to Washington (from Australia)....

So yeah, if anyone would like to help that'd be great and contact me by commenting here, email at sara.ringham@gmail.com or just message me on here and we'll go from there... if you have any questions let me know as well - it's after midnight so I'm sure I've missed out on something... thanks for helping anyone that is interested in helping me out!
4th-Oct-2008 03:33 pm - Short intro/Metroplan

I live in NLR and I currently attend Pulaski Tech.
I consider myself a treehugger/environmentalist...whatever term you have.

Metroplan plays a part in this because currently they have a public participation period going on concerning congestion and pedestrian and cyclist safety.
You can take the survey online on their website,www.metroplan.org. It's called Operation Bottleneck.
You can report congestion issues as well as safety issues. Once you're done with the survey, there is an optional one about transit. What sorts of things would get you to take transit more, what improvements would you like to see,etc, etc.
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